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The Good Ol’ Days

Some food for thought…

We are living in our (future) good ol’ days… right here. Right now. Sure, there are ups and downs. Pain. Loss. Sorrow. But without these, we wouldn’t have the other moments. The ones we will look back on through the mind’s eye in the late hour of this long day we call life and smile. The ones we will eagerly share with anyone who even hints at the slightest interest in the rambling meanderings of an old goat. My Brothers, we are blessed to journey through this life with such great company. It’s too easy to not realize that we are living our good days until we are old and recall them as the good ol’ days. God willing, we will have plenty of time, as old men, to sit around together and reminisce about the good ol’ days. But for now, let us be present and truly live our good days… in real-time. I am grateful for all the good days we have created together and I am looking forward to creating many more with you.

Armen Mardirousi, PM