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Senior Warden’s Message – February 2020


First month of the new year complete!

What a great month we had. Congratulations to Worshipful Armond Sardayani!

I’d like to congratulate our two newly obligated brothers into our fraternity. Brothers John and Jesus, welcome to the beginning of a brand new journey. Hopefully both of you remain active and help us continue to build!

Officers, that was an excellent job that we all did for those two degrees. It’s such a great honor to share that room with all of you. We’re very lucky to have such a talented group of Masons. For any Brother or Officer that needs help studying for their proficiency or degree work, NEVER hesitate to ask our Candidates Coach or Officers Coach for anything. You can also ask any Brother including myself. Our goal is to continue building on what we have already established and we should continue doing just that! I’m looking forward to another awesome month of Masonry and for more initiations!


Omar Cervantes
Senior Warden