Junior Warden’s Message – May 2022

Greetings Brethren and friends of Lodge 542! It is starting to feel like summer outside… and inside too if you live in The Valley! Summer marks the end of school year and I am sure kids are restless to get out. I hope this is a special summer for them because it is the first, unrestricted one they have had in two years. Fortunately, California Freemasonry has the perfect charity to help these kids enjoy some fun and sun, playing America’s favorite pastime!

Our Lodge is proudly supporting The California Masonic Foundation’s “Masons 4 Mitts” program. Masons 4 Mitts is a partnership with all of the MLB franchises in California that provides high-quality mitts for children. In the past ten seasons, the program has given out 41,302 mitts and raised more than $826,000! Donations also go toward setting up places for the children to learn and play baseball. The kids also receive training in nutrition, teamwork, study skills, and more! Our Lodge has committed to matching 100% of the donations received by individual contributors from Lodge 542. If you want to support this great cause, you can give donations – in increments of $20 per glove – to our Junior Past Master, Worshipful Omar Cervantes, or you can donate online. If a donation is beyond your reach at the moment, you can also help by sharing this program with others. Thank you very much for whatever you are able to give, or however you can help this great cause.

Worshipful Brother Omar Cervantes
WB Omar Cervantes loves Freemasonry, baseball, and hooking kids up with awesome mitts!

Besides supporting great, charitable causes, the Lodge is busy putting our Brethren through their degrees. This month, we are conferring the Fellowcraft degree on Brother Matthew Frietze. Bro. Frietze is a transplant from New Mexico who came to Los Angeles in pursuit of fame as an actor and model. Please visit the Lodge on Thursday, May 19th, to help our Brother celebrate the next step in his Masonic journey!

Matthew Frietze
Brother Matthew Frietze, soon-to-be Fellowcraft Mason.

In addition to being an upstanding Mason, Bro. Frietze is a legacy member of the fraternity. His father is a Master Mason in New Mexico. Passing the tradition of Masonry from father to son is an incredibly special aspect of Freemasonry. Freemasonry has a special symbol, the lewis, representing this bond between sons and fathers who share the bond of Masonry. The lewis is a tool, used since ancient times, to lift and place heavy stones. Symbolically, the lewis represents a son placed into the fraternity by his father. You can read more about this symbol here: The Masonic Lewis

Until next time, I hope you are doing well. Do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything the Lodge can do to help you out. Take care.