What makes a Lodge a Lodge?

What makes a Lodge a Lodge? What gives each Lodge its unique characteristics? Is a Lodge a building? When members of a Lodge meet in a place other than their usual meeting place, are they not still a Lodge? Lodge 542 has had several meeting places in its 100-year history: Lankershim Boulevard, Tujunga Avenue, Sherman Way, back to Tujunga Avenue and now back to Sherman Way. Will this latest move be our last? Who’s to say? One thing is certain, a healthy Lodge is more than the place where its members congregate. A healthy Lodge requires adequate leaders, proper planning, clear communication, and steadfast execution of the plan once members buy in to the Lodge vision. I have had the honor of being a member of North Hollywood Lodge No. 542 during some of its major changes over the last 15+ years. One thing that has always stood out to members present during our discussions is the fact that we engage in respectful discourse while working hard to identify the best path to get our beloved Lodge to where we collectively feel it needs to go. Those not present at our meetings may erroneously conclude that decisions are made in haste or pushed through unchallenged. However, those of us who are at these meetings and do participate in the discussions, know otherwise. Lodge 542 has a rich history, and I am proud to be a part of the history we are now making; the history our children and our children’s children will look back on with pride just as we do when we look back at the history that those who came before us made.