Senior Warden’s Message – April 2022

Hello Brethren,

Well, it’s April already. We have now been at the Van Nuys Masonic Center for three months and after some hesitation and doubts, it’s going much better than any of us thought it would. We still have quite a ways to go, however, with regards to making ourselves at home while respecting the boundaries of the other Masonic bodies who occupy the building, but that will come with time, knowledge and patience. I also feel that after some apprehension on the part of a few of the Brothers in the existing Lodges at the Van Nuys Center we have all learned that while we may belong to different Lodges we are still Masons and Brothers and the respect and understanding that comes with that privilege will always win out. 

Now that restrictions are lifting and we are starting to experience a slow return to normalcy it’s time to get back into the Lodge. While we have always had an abundance of Fellowship there are a handful of Brothers who do most of the work so there is plenty of opportunity to get involved. Though everyone’s Masonic journey is unique we would love to get those Brothers who have been absent either because of COVID, personal or financial reasons back into Lodge. 

So, if you have been away and have not been contacted recently by a Brother from North Hollywood Lodge please reach out and say hello. We are a Fraternity, but more importantly we are a family. Let’s get our Lodge back to what it once was and become the gold standard in California Masonry. 


Dennis Hadley
Senior Warden